Friday, October 8, 2010

Off to Dallas We Go!!

This week has been plum crazy! We are finally done with all the house renovations and we had some great friends over for dinner on Wednesday. I've wanted to have people over for a while but with things being done it was kind of impossible, but not anymore!! Our dining room was full of things from our office while it got painted annnow the office is done, painted and the desk was put together!! I will post pics of the office soon...we love it :) We are finally able to just focus on the nursery and decorating it now. We just found our crib and things are coming together. We're headed to Dallas today to go pick out fabrics for the nursery!! I can't wait!

I'm excited about the colors we have chosen...not the typical brown and blue most people do. I'll post pics of fabrics soon too. Presley is moving around more and more every day. Shane finally felt him move on Monday :) it's still a little hard to feel it from the outside but he felt it and it was sweet :)I get more and more excited every day! I'm really excited I'm having a boy because I LOVE fishing, horses, and all the fun things that little boys love. Now I'll have someone to do that stuff with! My dad also has a nickname picked out "Elvis" haha. I think it's adorable and anyone that knows my nickname from my dad knows that Presley got off easy! He's already got Presley a cotton candy machine so I hope he likes candy! Haha :)