Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wrapping Station! DIY Factory Post!

This is one of my "DIY" Factory posts. If you read my blog much, you know that Shane call's it that because of my constant projects haha :) I saw a post on a blog I follow not long ago, and it gave me inspiration for my new WRAPPING STATION! I have a room upstairs that I have converted into my craft room but really since we moved in, it's been the junk room. This weekend with Shane's help we started cleaning it out so I can really have a craft room, lol. I had SO much wrapping paper, millions of bags, tape, bows...pretty much you name it and it's up there.

I headed off to Lowe's with P and got the most functional "closet" organizer and turned it into a wrapping station! For only $34.99 I was able to organize all of my wrapping stuff and it's all in one place! I'm VERY excited about it and it's so cute which doesn't hurt. It hangs on the inside of the door so you don't see it unless you're in the craft room :) If you have millions of birthdays and holidays with lot's of gifts like we do, this is a PERFECT solution! So so easy to do too...I did it during P's nap. Here's the finished product!!!!

I did bows on top

Three row's of ribbon and then a basket with 4 plastic glasses from Walmart .88cents a piece!
I put the following items in them.

Last but not least, the fun, pretty wrapping paper!

This was a fun little project and I'm excited to wrap the next gift! 

Last night we helped Mark and Laurie with a wedding shower for Laurie's friend. It was fun and the food was delicious! Laurie is one of the best party planners around, and she always helps us throw super fun parties for our babies or any event that's going on in the fam! I got dressed up last night which I  don't do often these days and when Presley saw me he was so cute. I had a sparkly top on and he was in amazement, lol. It was precious. He was amazed at the sparkles really not me haha. I tried a new Pinterest hair-do last night and loved it. Looks complicated but only took about 5 minutes to do!

Back to organizing the craft room I go!


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Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY Factory

Yesterday P and I made a trip to Lowe's. It was about to rain when we got there so I went to fast and forgot his cart cover :/ I used a blanket at least, lol. I wish i would have created it...I mean it's the most amazing invention. Carts are so gross and who knows what germs are on the handles, yuck! I found a new floor for photos and a few other goodies! I got the paint for the vintage high chair and I'm SUPER excited about it! I chose a PEACH color. It's gonna be perfect for boys or girls! So excited to post before and afters!

Speaking of chairs, I found this gem the other day! I'm gonna use it for my "Mommy and Me" Mother's Day minis and for pictures when people want it from now on. It's so colorful I love it! I'm excited to find some other cheap chairs and do this myself in the future. If you know of anywhere or anyone who has some old chairs they want to get rid of let me know! Here's the chair!

I have several DIY Factory things going on. I'm currently cleaning out the craft room upstairs. It's been the "keep all" since we moved and I'm going to turn it into a fab space. I'll be posting a super easy DIY project for a wrapping station in the next few days. Everyone has tons of wrapping stuff and I bet this will be a hit!

On another note, Shane put one of P's birthday presents together FINALLY!!!! The instructions were crazy and we put it off as long as we could. He loves his new taxi cab and plays in it constantly! Today when he woke up he went straight to his car, lol :)

Then we played outside for a while

Today I also closed a deal on another house I had listed! Have I mentioned I love real estate?! I get to stay home with my baby, but also do something I love that doesn't take away from my time with P. It's so fun and if you're thinking about moving or buying, let me know!

Have a great night! XOXO

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Paddy's Day!

On St. Patrick's Day we had a fun day! We went to our FAV mexican restaurant Senior Tequila and had a late lunch. Presley loved the balloons as you can tell in the second pic below :) The first pic was on our way, he LOVES his flip-flops. I probably like them more though because I'm obsessed with his little feet! I have been since he was born, lol.

After lunch we headed to the park! Pres and I go all the time during the week but it was fun to take daddy and show him what P does when we go. He LOVES the tunnel. I'm so glad the weather has been so great (except for the rain which I love) it's perfect for the park! 

He LOVES the slide. He's had a little slide in our house so he knows exactly what to do, ha!

Just love the flip-flops!

Here he comes! Just making sure I'm still there...

We love the park!

My preshy boy

He laughed so hard trying to touch me but his little arms couldn't reach, lol

Unexpected fav pic

All BOY :)

I'm also having my FIRST Frame It! Photography contest on Facebook! You can go to this link and vote for your favorite picture! The winner will get a free mini session AND a set of IPhone lenses!!!

Check it out here:

To VOTE follow these 3 easy steps!
1. Click "LIKE" on the page
2. Under "Welcome" tab, click on TIMELINE
3. Go to the album titled "Who LIKES Me?!?! and vote for my baby!!!!

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Friday, March 16, 2012


Yesterday I started negotiations on a house for a dear friend. Of course there was a counter offer and today their offer was accepted! It's so much fun being a realtor and helping people with the biggest purchase in their lives! I get to see so many beautiful homes and learn so much constantly. It makes me happy when I save people money and they get a great deal! I'm so excited for Heather and Steven to move back here, yippee!

Today Presley wore his first pair of jean shorts! They're 12-18 month and big on him, but he was stylin' and wore a cute belt to help keep them tight enough. I have a feeling I'll be getting some smaller ones too though. He's talking more and more everyday! He said "GiGi" yesterday and I caught it on camera! Everyday I say everyone's name a ton and I think he's starting to catch on :)

I have my last set of Easter Mini's tomorrow! It's been a BLAST! I'm gonna get some more cute ones of P with the bunny tomorrow before I give the bunny back. I also got some CUTE CUTE spring props today! I'm shooting a "Year 2" session of identical twin girls in a few weeks and can't wait! I feel like everything is really coming together and I just have so many ideas for Frame It! Photography.

Tomorrow is St. Paddy's day so I'll be posting a cute pic of P tomorrow in green :)

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shamrock Cinnamon Rolls

Today was a long but fun day! Pres and I headed up to Oklahoma City to meet my little and her hub's to get things rolling on their offer on a new home! I'm so excited for them! After that, we headed to Norman and went to some used furniture stores, but no treasures were found. I'm trying to find two unique pieces for night stands. I don't want them to match and I plan on refinishing them, so who knows when I'll find what I'm looking for. I was inspired by two I wanted from the lovely Dittamore Girls! I love their stuff and one of the sisters ended up keeping them because they were fabulous to say the least!

We headed back to Oklahoma City and had dinner for Chad's birthday. He turned 20 today and we had a yummy dinner at Hefner Grill. Presley BARELY slept today but he was such a good boy! He was definitely ready to be home and go night night.

I found a really cute idea for St. Paddy's day if you have kids. Shamrock Cinnamon Rolls!

All you need is a can of cinnamon rolls and some food coloring. Check out where I found them HERE

Presley had his first taste of a cinnamon roll today so I think I will be trying this on St. Paddy's!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Frame It!

Well, the first part of my Easter Mini's are done and I'm editing them all now! I am SO excited with how they all turned out! Here's a few of my fav's so far :)

I absolutely LOVE taking pictures! It's so fun to see all the kiddo's faces light up when they see the bunny. I hope all the moms and dads like the pictures as much as I do! I love that people choose me to take pictures of their families. I love capturing sweet and silly moments. I'm still working on a lot of new things and plan on working on a lot of them tonight!! Excited to share everything I've been working on! 

I'm also going to have my first giveaway after all the easter sessions are done. Let me tell you, this will be a really AMAZING giveaway/contest for all of my clients. You WILL want it I PROMISE :)

Gotta go give P a bath.


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Crazy Weekend

Yesterday was a crazy day to say the least! It was a fun day showing my "little" Heather and her hubby Steven homes in Tulsa. It's always so fun to see how people decorate their homes and we saw a lot! We started in midtown and the headed towards South Tulsa. On the way to look at the last house, I got rear ended! I was at a complete stop obeying the law and had just enough time to look in my rearview mirror and BAM. I'm almost positive he was texting on his phone, he obviously wasn't paying attention. Luckily, we hardly even felt it and no one was hurt.I'm also so glad Presley wasn't in the car with me. I would have freaked out and probably lost my marbles. I am so thankful and will definitely never have a car again after looking at his after the wreck. We were safe because we were in an SUV and his little car had no chance. If you're thinking about getting an SUV I highly recommend it! The good news is they found an amazing house and I am SO happy for them! If everything works out, they will have a gorgeous home to start their lives back in Tulsa!

To say the least, I will be watching my rear view mirror like a nut case for a while now, lol :)

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Things!

I decided to call this post "Tuesday Things" because I have random things to blog about.  I've had this blank wall space right by our bedroom since we moved in. I could never think of what I wanted to put there without it being too much. After lots of ideas and a convo with Jessica (Ricky's soon-to-be bride) this was created! Just a frame and our initial. Who knew this would turn out so cute?!?! Just take a cute frame and paint a wooden initial. Easy to do and ubber cuteness!

I've been treasure hunting lately and found a vintage wooden high chair! It was a steal and I'm so excited to use it for all of my cake smash sessions! If you don't know what those are, photographers do these for a babies 1st Birthday! You can bring balloons and a "smash" cake and take cute pictures with any background of your choice! These are super fun to do and hilarious to watch! I am trying to decide what color I should paint it. I want to do a color that will work for boys and girls. I am thinking wither a pale yellow or a soft turquoise. If you have any suggestions PLEASE send them my way. I will be refinishing it once all my easter sessions are done. Here's a pic!

I have several things to paint for upcoming pictures. I also have two old wooden chairs we don't use that I am going to paint fun vibrant colors! I'm excited to start shooting spring pictures outside once the wind stops blowing and the flowers bloom!

I'm also working on my website which is fun! I feel like an idiot, but I'm learning a bunch. I should have it launched before too long. My Facebook page has grown a lot and everytime I get a new "LIKE" I get excited. So if you haven't "Liked" my page please click HERE

Last night Shane and I Skyped Shane's cousin Stephanie and her husband Simon in KOREA! It was only my second time to Skype but it's so fun! I can't believe it's free. If you haven't done it before I highly suggest it! Here's a pic from last night, haha :)

Our bedroom is finally starting to take shape. We sold all of our furniture on Craigslist and found an amazing headboard on! I also found a mirrored dresser yesterday that's going against a wall in between two windows. It's going to be a neat sitting area once I'm done. I have idea's for a chair and decor but I'll get to that when I get to it. Our room is funny right now. We are using a guest bedroom comforter that obviously doesn't match (we haven't found a comforter yet...we sold our other one with our furniture), our TV is currently on a table thats too small for it. The whole thing just makes me laugh. It's gonna be done soon though I hope! Can't rush finding exactly what you want though. 

I think that's enough for one post. Hope everyone has a great day and the big bad wolf doesn't blow your house down! 


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Sunday, March 4, 2012

THANK YOU from Frame It! Photography

Shane, my husband, sometimes says our house looks like a DIY factory. Not the way it's decorated, lol but because sometimes when he comes home, the glue gun is on, fabric is everywhere and I've been to Lowe's and have random pieces of wood I'm making into my next creation, haha. One of the more recent things was this baby gate I made for $22! Shane thought my idea wouldn't really work but he was wrong :) He actually loves it now too and it works perfect! It's so easy to move and Presley never tries to go upstairs. I'm pretty proud of it! I didn't even see one on Pinterest it was a random thought I had, lol.  This kind of brings me to what this post is about. My hobbies. I think all girls have them, just some more than others. I love a good DIY project and always will but I finally found my true passion. It happened randomly and I am so so happy with the outcome.

Frame It! Photography is my new fun photography venture! I have always loved getting creative with Presley, and always have a million ideas for him. I decided to take a chance and start doing it for other people and the response has been OVERWHELMING in a wonderful way! I have had so many fun photo shoots in the short time I have had Frame It! Photography up and running and I am so THANKFUL to everyone who has taken the time to let me capture precious memories of their kids and families! I love what I do and I hope it always shows in my pictures. I had the chance to do my first true newborn session a few weeks ago in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. It was one of Shane's college friends (and my friend too now) haha. I had the best time and baby Kenton was the perfect model. He slept and let us do all kinds of poses. It was just so nice of Rachel to ask me to do his newborn pictures. Here's a few of my fav's!

My goal is to always be affordable and always give my clients pictures that will make them say "Frame It!". People have told me I'm too cheap, I could charge more etc...and although I know things could change later on, I am happy being affordable for everyone and no matter what I will ALWAYS give a CD with all images including edits. The only thing I have done is raise my price for newborns to $100. This is still extremely cheap. I have done several newborn sessions and they take much longer than 30 minutes or an hour. They can take 1, 2, 3 even 4 hours. You have to have time for feedings, soothing the baby, making sure the baby is comfortable and can be asleep in some pictures and maybe catch him/her awake and even catch a smile. It's something I have learned and I want to get the absolute best pictures I can. All of my other sessions are $75 and mini sessions are $50. I am going to come up with some fun shoot packages and I already have ideas for other future mini sessions.

I just want to say Thank You again to all of my past and future clients. I am so excited to book my next session, and then the next, and then the next!


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