Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Vintage Baby!

Last night I had my first sale with My Vintage Baby and boy was I excited! The clothes are just so cute and really just sell themselves. I have already bought Presley things and I can't wait to take pictures in the cute outfits. One thing I really love is that you can't find the clothes ANYWHERE ELSE! To look at the Spring catalogue go to: and have fun shopping! I'm really excited about upcoming Trunk Shows as well. I have some really fun ideas! One of my favorite baby boy items is this adorable dinosaur romper. It makes me smile :)

and I also L.O.V.E. this little girl outfit because the bows are LEOPARD PRINT! I mean how cute?!?!?!? We also have a diaper bag and blanket that match!!!

This reminds me of a shirt I bought Presley from the last collection. Its a 2T (they were sold out except for that size and it's when I first heard about MVB) so he will wear it a long time from now. It's a deep purple long sleeve button down with leopard print on the cuffs, collar and pin stripes. 

Presley update for the day:
Presley smiled today!!! He smiles quite a bit lately. Gas? Yes. But I also think he is smiling because he is happy and knows how much he's loved :) Tonight when daddy got home he ate and about 10 minutes later he got sick because he ate too much :( Mommy panicked but all was fine. He is sound asleep now right next to me :) I just can't get over how much love I have for him. Every day we just stare at him and look at his little hands and feet. We weighed him and he has gained a few ounces! I'm excited because with breastfeeding sometimes it's hard to tell how much he is getting but we are on a routine and it's working great! 

Today I saw a new building my dad is looking at getting to move all of the equipment into one place instead of multiple warehouses. I loved it! I also loved that I will be able to have an office (even though I'm not IN the office much I can do stuff from home) and Presley has plenty of room too hang out when I do go in. I can't leave my baby even if it's for a few hours. I just can't :) It's also neat because it's on the same street his old office used to be on. I have so many memories at the old place, riding the forklifts with him, rolling down the warehouse in these little carts, putting my name all over the boxes the snow cone machines were in so he wouldn't sell them, LOL. I'm excited for Presley to make memories like I did right down the road :) 

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Vintage Baby

When I was pregnant, I was searching everywhere around Tulsa for REALLY cute boy clothes. I found a lot of things online and that's when I found My Baby Vintage. I am now a sales rep for the company and I am VERY EXCITED!!!! It's the cutest kids clothing I have ever seen. Really, it is. They have AMAZING clothing for boys and girls. My goal is to just get the word out about the company. The clothing line will sell itself. You can view the Spring line and shop through my website: or you can host a Trunk Show and receive FREE clothing and DISCOUNTS!! I mean who wouldn't want free clothing for their kiddo??!! All you do is invite some friends over, we will have some fun and shop! My Vintage Baby also carries diaper bags, bows/headbands and blankets. I promise if you have kids, you won't be disappointed when you view the clothing on my website. You can't find anything like it around and that is what I love. There won't be 100 other kids wearing the same thing. MVB used to be sold in major department stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus etc. Now the line is available at 30% less than what you would pay in the department stores. Trista Sutter from The Bachelor also designs for the company and her spring line is the cutest! It makes me want to grab my beach towel and head to the beach (except we live in Oklahoma far, far away from the beach).

I will be updating things about MVB regularly now on here. I've already had several people inquire about it and I'm excited about what's to come! And the fact that Presley is gonna be one stylin' dude!

A little update on Presley now :)

I took him on his first walk today! He loved it so much, he was asleep the entire time LOL. Tonight when Shane was holding Presley, he got really fussy and ended up just wanting his momma :) It was the first time that's happened and I melted. My little boy loves me :) and his daddy too. I just love him to pieces. He's such an angel. 

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today was a great day once again. He slept great and I woke him up every time he needed to eat through the night. He stayed awake a lot more today and I loved it! GiGi and Pawpaw brought us dinner. It was the most delicious chicken enchilada good! Presley stayed awake for most of their visit which has been rare until now.

We had another pediatrician appointment today and he is just perfect. He had gained a little weight and should start gaining more now that he is feeding good. He goes back at exactly a month for another shot and then we can finally have some little outings :)

Jennie and Jentrie came over today and saw Pres. They gave him a really cute toy for when he is at the crawling stage. My great aunt also came to visit and she just couldn't get enough of him. He slept through both of their visits LOL. We also received a few more gifts today that Shane got at work. We are so blessed and little Presley has no idea how lucky he already is.

Last night at about midnight he had a total BLOW OUT when I was changing his diaper. I kind of screamed out of shock and Shane came running in. Hahaha it was hilarious and something I won't soon forget. I also got peed on for the first tine on 2-18, again on 2-20 and last bit not least on 2-21! I am learning when to change his diaper and when not to. Sometimes it's good to wait a few extra minutes LOL :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Presley is HERE!!!!!!!

Baby Presley arrived at 5:11pm, on February 12, 2011. He weighed 7lb 15oz and was 21 3/4 inches long. He is gonna be tall and slim just like his daddy! It's important for me to keep updating this daily now to remember everything I can about the daily life of Pres. I went to Saint Francis South Friday, February 11th at 8pm and labor started from there. I won't write about all the details but trust me, I will never forget the experience. I had a natural delivery and had a good experience except the Dr. who gave me the epidural forgot to give it to me on my right side. Yes, you read that correctly, I could feel everything EVERYTHING on my right side. Okay, enough about that. At the end of 21 hours, the pain, and long, long hours went away when I saw my precious angel. He is the light of our lives now and we wonder what we did before he was born. I really don't think there is any kind of love like when you have a baby. The love I have for Presley is unlike anything I ever thought possible. The love I have for Shane has been magnified 100 times now. Seeing him hold Presley just melts my heart. When he sings to him...don't even get me started. It's just an amazing, heavenly feeling looking at Presley. All of the cute little faces he makes, make me laugh.

I have a VERY funny story that happened during the delivery. Shane filmed the whole thing (from up by me) When it was time to cut the cord, Dr. Nilson handed Shane the scissors and then Dr. Nilson said "okay dad flip it!" Shane stood there excited, nervous, panicked and he said "WHAT?!" and then Dr Nilson said "flip it dad, flip it!" Then Shane took the scissors and FLIPPED them OVER!! Hahahahahaha. All the nurses and everybody laughed and it was hilarious because Dr. Nilson meant "Flip it" as in the flip video camera...he was saying "video it!" It was hilarious :)

This last week has been amazing. He sleep s really good and I have to wake him up sometimes to eat. He's eating every three hours and he finally has the hang of breastfeeding. It was so important to me to do this, it's just so healthy for him. It was hard at first but now he is a champ! People always told me breastfeeding would help you loose weight and I am happy to say after a week I have LOST 24 pounds!! 6 pounds to go! I am hoping that I even lose a little more to be back in great shape! The weight loss isn't just because of breastfeeding, but I do think it helps :) We are headed to Destin in a couple months and I am happy to say I think I will be ready for the beach sooner than I thought :)


- Our first night in the hospital with Presley, Shane called for the nurse because there was a huge blackish blob that went all the way up Presley's back. We panicked and it ended up just being part of his first "poo" LOL

- Our first nurse (can't remember her name) said "here is your hospital gown if you wanna go ahead and change." I said "no thank you, I brought my own" haha. She said "I've never in 5 years had someone bring their own hospital gown." Really?? I can't imagine. We had a good laugh :)

- My first real food after labor was Double Stuffed Vanilla Oreos Sami and Adam brought me!

- Heather also brought me a Red Velvet Cheesecake Blast from Sonic YUMMO!

- My bestie Sarah cried when she held Presley and it was the sweetest thing :)

- The L&D bed and the bed you get after delivery were the most uncomfortable beds I have ever slept in

- When I was about to deliver, Everybody Loves Raymond was on TV and the mom was in labor too

- My first hospital meal was chicken quesadillas and they were delicious! Shane ordered steak and it was gross. I could have told him that. Who orders steak in a hospital?? YUCK! Only my hubby :)

- We sent Presley to the nursery twice and both times it lasted like 45 minutes. We can't be apart!

- The amazing feeling I had when I got to leave the hospital with my baby AND breathe the fresh air outside after being cooped up in bed for a couple days

- When we left the hospital, it took us an extra 10 minutes to fix the car seat and make it go into the base.  Talk about a grand exit!

- I had matching jammies that Pres wore too. We left the hospital in them :)

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blizzard and Baby!

On Saturday Presley will FINALLY be here!!!! I just can't wait!!! I made this slideshow just to remember how large and in charge I got during pregnancy (you might have to push play to hear the music) I actually stayed right under my goal weight so I did really good! I can't believe I didn't gain more because I have eaten anything and everything I want, LOL.

It's also funny that when we got married it was the day after a blizzard. It was a wonderful white wedding but now Presley will be here right after another blizzard. I don't know what it is with blizzards but I consider them good luck!! Tulsa set an all time record today for the MOST SNOWFALL ever in a month. CRAZY! I was able to get out yesterday with my mom and got a manicure and pedicure. It was a nice treat and it was also nice to drive after a week of being snowed in. Now it looks like I am snowed in again until baby! I've cleaned everything from top to bottom at the house and the entire house is organized now. Yay for nesting :)

I've also been picking out his little outfits for his newborn pics. I have so much fun looking through all of his clothes. He has more clothes and shoes than he will ever wear, but he's never gonna have to worry about either one because this momma loves fashion :) I have way more fun shopping for him than for myself. He will be one stylin' dude!

Bags are packed, camera and video camera are all ready to go! TICK TOCK TICK TOCK...

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby Baby!

It's been a while since I have updated. Not that it really matters because I'm new to this and don't have many followers, LOL. I'm changing my blog design so it will be changing a bunch in the next few days. The last month has been crazy busy and full of excitement! Today we went to see the baby doc and got some awesome news! I have progressed really well and he said we are "inducible"! I am already a 2 and 80% so little man could come any time. ANY TIME!!!! I go back and forth about inducing but at the end of the day I will be 39 weeks and I'm already further along than some that go into labor. Who knows what I will be at next Friday! LOL. We are just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited we can't wait! We can't wait to hold him and kiss him and just love him to pieces :)

In December and January we had two wonderful baby showers and we also celebrated Christmas and our nephews 1st Birthday! I did a fun heart collages of one of the baby showers. 

We were so lucky to have such amazing showers!

On another note we also bought a new house!! We are so excited for a lot more space, an awesome neighborhood where Pres will make lots of friends and really neat amenities, like a club house, pool, splash pad, fountains etc... I'm just thrilled because you can see one of the fountains from our back yard and I can't wait to sit outside and listen to it while Presley plays :) It's the little things. Oh and I also can't wait to have a tub with JETS! This momma loves her baths. I mean I really do. a lot. We don't close until April 15th but we are EXTREMELY excited!!! I will be doing lots of posts on this in the coming few months. Right now it's all about Presley's arrival! 

Back to Presley...we are currently just making sure everything is ready for little man. I don't know how many more things I can clean out but I sure do believe in nesting now. I am a total bird nesting like crazy. 

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