Monday, February 21, 2011

Presley is HERE!!!!!!!

Baby Presley arrived at 5:11pm, on February 12, 2011. He weighed 7lb 15oz and was 21 3/4 inches long. He is gonna be tall and slim just like his daddy! It's important for me to keep updating this daily now to remember everything I can about the daily life of Pres. I went to Saint Francis South Friday, February 11th at 8pm and labor started from there. I won't write about all the details but trust me, I will never forget the experience. I had a natural delivery and had a good experience except the Dr. who gave me the epidural forgot to give it to me on my right side. Yes, you read that correctly, I could feel everything EVERYTHING on my right side. Okay, enough about that. At the end of 21 hours, the pain, and long, long hours went away when I saw my precious angel. He is the light of our lives now and we wonder what we did before he was born. I really don't think there is any kind of love like when you have a baby. The love I have for Presley is unlike anything I ever thought possible. The love I have for Shane has been magnified 100 times now. Seeing him hold Presley just melts my heart. When he sings to him...don't even get me started. It's just an amazing, heavenly feeling looking at Presley. All of the cute little faces he makes, make me laugh.

I have a VERY funny story that happened during the delivery. Shane filmed the whole thing (from up by me) When it was time to cut the cord, Dr. Nilson handed Shane the scissors and then Dr. Nilson said "okay dad flip it!" Shane stood there excited, nervous, panicked and he said "WHAT?!" and then Dr Nilson said "flip it dad, flip it!" Then Shane took the scissors and FLIPPED them OVER!! Hahahahahaha. All the nurses and everybody laughed and it was hilarious because Dr. Nilson meant "Flip it" as in the flip video camera...he was saying "video it!" It was hilarious :)

This last week has been amazing. He sleep s really good and I have to wake him up sometimes to eat. He's eating every three hours and he finally has the hang of breastfeeding. It was so important to me to do this, it's just so healthy for him. It was hard at first but now he is a champ! People always told me breastfeeding would help you loose weight and I am happy to say after a week I have LOST 24 pounds!! 6 pounds to go! I am hoping that I even lose a little more to be back in great shape! The weight loss isn't just because of breastfeeding, but I do think it helps :) We are headed to Destin in a couple months and I am happy to say I think I will be ready for the beach sooner than I thought :)


- Our first night in the hospital with Presley, Shane called for the nurse because there was a huge blackish blob that went all the way up Presley's back. We panicked and it ended up just being part of his first "poo" LOL

- Our first nurse (can't remember her name) said "here is your hospital gown if you wanna go ahead and change." I said "no thank you, I brought my own" haha. She said "I've never in 5 years had someone bring their own hospital gown." Really?? I can't imagine. We had a good laugh :)

- My first real food after labor was Double Stuffed Vanilla Oreos Sami and Adam brought me!

- Heather also brought me a Red Velvet Cheesecake Blast from Sonic YUMMO!

- My bestie Sarah cried when she held Presley and it was the sweetest thing :)

- The L&D bed and the bed you get after delivery were the most uncomfortable beds I have ever slept in

- When I was about to deliver, Everybody Loves Raymond was on TV and the mom was in labor too

- My first hospital meal was chicken quesadillas and they were delicious! Shane ordered steak and it was gross. I could have told him that. Who orders steak in a hospital?? YUCK! Only my hubby :)

- We sent Presley to the nursery twice and both times it lasted like 45 minutes. We can't be apart!

- The amazing feeling I had when I got to leave the hospital with my baby AND breathe the fresh air outside after being cooped up in bed for a couple days

- When we left the hospital, it took us an extra 10 minutes to fix the car seat and make it go into the base.  Talk about a grand exit!

- I had matching jammies that Pres wore too. We left the hospital in them :)

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  1. I love this I wish I would have wrote something like this, even though I have kept a journal for both my boys!

  2. What wonderful memories you all have! Congratulations and best wishes to your family.
    Presley has been born into an Amazing, loving family...Doesn't get any better then that!
    I have to agree with you about seeing your husband as a daddy for the 1st time~Love grows so much more.
    It does the same when they become PaPa's!(which is a long time away) So enjoy your precious time as Mommy and Daddy!
    <3 Susan Graham (MiMi and PawPaw Robertson's very good friends)!

  3. Awesome how you made your own hospital gown!

  4. Jennifer, congrats to all of you on this exciting and new phase of your life. I am so very happy for you and I so enjoyed reading this post. Tell your mother I said hi. I know she is so proud and happy for you. All my love to you.