Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Vintage Baby!

Last night I had my first sale with My Vintage Baby and boy was I excited! The clothes are just so cute and really just sell themselves. I have already bought Presley things and I can't wait to take pictures in the cute outfits. One thing I really love is that you can't find the clothes ANYWHERE ELSE! To look at the Spring catalogue go to: and have fun shopping! I'm really excited about upcoming Trunk Shows as well. I have some really fun ideas! One of my favorite baby boy items is this adorable dinosaur romper. It makes me smile :)

and I also L.O.V.E. this little girl outfit because the bows are LEOPARD PRINT! I mean how cute?!?!?!? We also have a diaper bag and blanket that match!!!

This reminds me of a shirt I bought Presley from the last collection. Its a 2T (they were sold out except for that size and it's when I first heard about MVB) so he will wear it a long time from now. It's a deep purple long sleeve button down with leopard print on the cuffs, collar and pin stripes. 

Presley update for the day:
Presley smiled today!!! He smiles quite a bit lately. Gas? Yes. But I also think he is smiling because he is happy and knows how much he's loved :) Tonight when daddy got home he ate and about 10 minutes later he got sick because he ate too much :( Mommy panicked but all was fine. He is sound asleep now right next to me :) I just can't get over how much love I have for him. Every day we just stare at him and look at his little hands and feet. We weighed him and he has gained a few ounces! I'm excited because with breastfeeding sometimes it's hard to tell how much he is getting but we are on a routine and it's working great! 

Today I saw a new building my dad is looking at getting to move all of the equipment into one place instead of multiple warehouses. I loved it! I also loved that I will be able to have an office (even though I'm not IN the office much I can do stuff from home) and Presley has plenty of room too hang out when I do go in. I can't leave my baby even if it's for a few hours. I just can't :) It's also neat because it's on the same street his old office used to be on. I have so many memories at the old place, riding the forklifts with him, rolling down the warehouse in these little carts, putting my name all over the boxes the snow cone machines were in so he wouldn't sell them, LOL. I'm excited for Presley to make memories like I did right down the road :) 

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