Thursday, March 3, 2011


Presley has a new nickname thanks to our friend Adam and it's "Presh"ley. I love it and thought I would share :) Today Presley got his very first piece of mail!!! I freaked out a little when Shane brought the mail in because I thought it was so cute.

Presley is changing every day and he just gets cuter and cuter. Today we ventured out of the house to go let the dogs out at my parents since they went to K.C. to take my old car to its new owners. I know fun right?!?! I was just happy to get out of the house for a minute. He did great in the car, he never cried and he just slept the entire time. On March 15th, we will be able to FINALLY go out in public once he gets his next shots. I am looking forward to that day and I know he is too, haha. I'm such a busy body by nature but I've done better than expected just staying in the house. We take naps, I stare at him for hours, then take more naps and stare at him for hours. That's pretty much how our days go. I love watching him sleep because he's started to SMILE in his sleep. I can't get enough of it. His eyes are also starting to get glassy when he cries. Newborns don't have actual tears and I don't know what's going to happen when I see the first tear. I know I will probably cry seeing him cry.

Speaking of crying, we are very lucky parents if you ask me. Pres only cries when he is wet or is hungry. To this day he hasn't cried once where I didn't already know what he needed. I'm sure the day will come when that does happen, but I am proud of my boy for being so great :) He's such a good baby and it makes momma happy! 

We are discovering that we aren't big fans of Huggies diapers. Pampers seem to fit him MUCH better. Tonight we gave him a bath and then about 10 minutes later he peed and it went straight out of his diaper, all over his back and on to the blankets he was laying on. It was a panic moment and also made us laugh because I know this will be something we will look back on one day. 

He's also starting to make little sounds and it's really cute. Sometimes he will just start making noses for no reason and I think he is just doing it because now he can. It's neat watching him discover EVERYTHING. It's gonna be fun seeing the world through his eyes. It seem's like there is so much we are blind to or ignore as we get older. 

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