Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Presley's First Shot

Today waa Presley's 1 month checkup. He is doing GREAT! He is 22 1/4 inches long and 8 pounds 15 ounces. He is gaining weight so daddy can rest easy now. Breastfeeding does work yippee! Now maybe he will stay off my case a little on how much he is eating LOL. He had to get his first shot and let me tell you that was NO FUN :( People told me there would be a loittle pause inbetween the shot and when he would cry. When the nurse put the needle to his skin he lost his marbles. Poor baby hated it and I don't blame him. I was sad and daddy came in and swooped him up and comforted him before I even had the chance to grab him. It was cute. It was like he was superdad or something :)

Tonight Shane is on night duty. I am finally to the point where I am so tired I have to get some rest. I try my hardest to never have Shane do night duty since he has to get up and go to work but I am in desperate need of some sleep. I took a bath tonight and fell asleep in there for over an hour. Sad? Yes. But hey, you sleep wherever you can haha.


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