Sunday, March 6, 2011

1 Month Until We Move!

So we are a month away from MOVING!!!!! Yay! I am so ready it's not even funny. Today Adam and Sami came over and Adam graciously fixed the bathroom and will finish everything up tomorrow! When they walked in Sami had a box of GINGER ALE in her hands for ME!!! They are just the most thoughtful friends :) While Adam and Shane did that, Sami and I went to Barnes and Noble for a bit. Presley did SO good at B&N I just couldn't believe it. We had our first "Changing Station" experience and he didn't cry which made me happy :) It was located in a bathroom stall instead of out in the open which I thought was nice. It's funny I never thought about changing tables before and now I notice anywhere that doesn't have them available. While we were at Barnes and Noble Joanna (our good friend from church) and her sis Melinda (Shane's good friend from Walmart...well and mine now too) came by to see Presley. It was a nice treat and I just love them.

We have started packing up our things, mainly in the kitchen area and our garage is already full. We are having a GIGANTIC garage sale April 2nd and 3rd so a lot of it is for that as well. I'm going to list our house this week so if people want to see the garage they will think we are hoarders LOL and we definitely are NOT.

I have some exciting My Vintage Baby news that I will be announcing soon!! Lots of fun things in store for the company! I have several parties lined up just waiting on date confirmations so it's pretty exciting! I'm waiting on my leopard print hangers to come in and then I will have everything needed to throw fabulous parties!

In other news, The Real Houswives of O.C. starts tonight and I can't wait! Oh and NeNe is on Celebrity Apprentice tonight and America's Next Great Restaurant starts tonight so it's a full evening of TV for the Robertson's :)

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