Monday, March 14, 2011

Presley SMILED!

Today was a very big day for several reasons. The most important being that when daddy left for work this morning, I was making faces and noises to try and make Presley laugh. Today is the first day I could really notice him following me and looking straight at me like he knew who I was. As I was making all the crazy sounds (that people would laugh at me for if they heard) he SMILED at me. He thought I was funny! It made my heart melt. I tried multiple other times and I didn't get the same smile I did the first time. I immediately texted Shane to share the news. It's so neat watching him grown and learn new things. This is only the beginning and it's so much fun!

Today my mom came and watched Presley for a few hours while I went and got my hair done. I got BANGS! I have wanted them for about 6 months, I always told Shane I wanted them but I was scared to actually do it. Today I did it and I LOVE them! Here is my new bangs :)

Tomorrow is Pres's 1 month checkup and he has to get his first shots :( I am probably going to cry and be real sad afterwards. I just love my little man so much and if he cries I will cry at this point. I will get tougher but I'm a sissy right now. One good thing is that after tomorrow he will be clear to go out and do some things with momma :) I can't stand leaving him yet for even a second. 

Until tomorrow...

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