Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Night To Sleep

What happens when you have an incredible, sweet, handsome and sometimes over analyzing husband?? You get the night of and get to SLEEP!!!!!!! I threw the over analyzing in there because tonight like every night, Shane wonders if Presley get's enough to eat since I am nursing. The answer is...YES.  It makes me laugh and also annoys me but it's really cute that he cares so much. Millions of moms breastfeed and their babies don't wither away. Pres is gaining weight and doing great!

Now, back to the sleep issue. I should be asleep now BUT the problem is I can't sleep. I already miss Presley and he is literally in the next room, LOL. My sleep schedule has been messed up for several months before he was even born. I would love to say I will get a good nights sleep but with waking up to pump I doubt that will happen. I never thought I would say it but I could really care less about not getting a solid 8 hours of sleep. I'm gonna do my best to get some rest but I know I will have to sneak in and just look at him a few times. Every hour. Every minute. Who knows :)

We have started giving Pres bath's and he LOVES them!!!! He is gonna be a little fish I can already tell. Here is a cute pic of him during his first "bath" when he got home. It's hilarous :)

I'm also getting excited about EASTER! It's still a while away but I'm already thinking about how I will dye easter eggs for him and I found a cool new way to do them! I'm real excited and I will post about it once I know it works. It sounds to good to be true but it's a really neat way to dye eggs!

Tomorrow it's off to Norman for the day! I can't wait to take Pres back where I spent my college days. I have so many fun memories in Norman. College was the best time of my life up until I got married and had Presley.  I'm also gonna show him the future stadium he will play football at! Just kidding, but I would love it :)

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