Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My son's playroom! Pinterest isn't always the solution...

I'm the kind of girl who always has something creative going on in my mind. I can't help it, I'm just always thinking of stuff to create. Sorry hubs! When I had Presley and he started crawling around, I immediately started planning his playroom. I thought of several fun ideas and the only thing I knew I wanted was a teepee. Presley couldn't even walk BUT I just had to have one, LOL. Who would have thought that for Presley's FIRST Christmas, Santa would bring a teepee?? The best part was that Pres LOVED IT!!!!

The first 3 pictures were taken with my iPhone camera...

His favorite toy!

Okay so now to the super fun part...the actual decorating! I ended up looking on Pinterest and couldn't find a room that even remotely looked like what I was wanting. The only thing I found was the teepee and the wooden sign (that we ended up making). I wanted a rustic lodge feel and something slightly "cowboys and indians". It's one of the first rooms you see in our home so I wanted it to be super fun :) I won't go into great detail about how I decided on each thing but I will say that the fun wallpaper I found was a steal at only $30 a roll! It had colors I love in it, peach, light grey, charcoal grey and even a  little orange too! Here is the beginning of the transformation...

The piano was moved and a sweet lady came to hang the wallpaper. She's SO reasonable too! 

Welcome to Presley's Hideout!! 

I had so much fun putting stuff in the cubby holes. A few toys, an orange lamp and a few knick knacks :)

Of course a picture from Presley's Wild Wild One Cowboy Birthday! I found a cute skin of some animal (probably fake) at HobLob.

We found this neat antler chandelier at Home Depot online. I was surprised at myself that I actually wanted an antler light fixture but it made the room complete! Luckily Shane was on board with the idea :)

Nothing say's "lodge" like antlers, LOL

I made a cute flag garland for the top of the teepee in orange and brown burlap. I also used rope to connect it. Super easy!

I got some free scrap wood at Lowe's and used a wood carver to carve out Presley's Hideout! Just stain and then carve the name out! Only $3, just paid for the stain! What I love about the teepee is that when P is a little older he can paint on the canvas!

I made the sign below with another piece of scrap wood from Lowe's and used rope for the letters and also for the border. I think it's fun to display things Pres makes!

P has 2 pictures WOOT! If you haven't caught on yet, next time you're at Lowe's and need wood, ask if they have any scraps from that day first! 

I found this fake deer head online randomly and just spray painted it white. It now hangs above the closet door in the room :) 

I went to a lumber yard and got this free stump! I took all of the bark off the outside to give it the natural wood look. I love how it turned out! One of my favorite parts of the room are the cute wing back chairs GiGi and PawPaw got him for Christmas! The definitely help bring the lodge look into the room. 

Wood frames and some fun decor

I absolutely LOVE the sign that say's COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES

There's Sandy! She really only costs a nickel and still runs like a charm :) She's been mine since I was in 1st grade and now she's Presley's! 

Shane drew the letters below on the sign above the toy box:) The sign is one of my favorite parts of the room. Presley definitely is VERY VERY loved. I got the idea for this sign on Pinterest :) Get some wood from Lowe's, acrylic black paint and you're set. 

Well I hope you had fun in Presley's Lodge! :) 

Okay I have one last thing...I made a Pumpkin and Cream Cheese Roll and OMG. Sooooooooo yummy!!! I'm not a good baker normally and I surprised myself on this one. It's SO easy and delish. I won't bore you with all my pictures of how I made it right now. I will post about it another time :) Click HERE for the recipe! I promise you will be SO glad you did! 

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