Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Potty Training 2014 Style!!!

HAPPY 2014!!! It's January 1st, which means I have a clean slate when it comes to blogging! I'm still working on the design of my blog so bare with me on that haha. I haven't posted in forever, horrible of me but life got busy. I had our baby GIRL on August 25th, 2013 so I have been busy with her and our little man Presley. And speaking of Presley, guess who is getting POTTY TRAINED?!?!?!

I read so many articles online about what to do and what not to do when you potty train. It was overwhelming. But, I decided to take bits and pieces from several things I read and use them the way I thought Presley would understand it best. I feel like I did something right haha.

We started Potty Training yesterday and Presley is already doing AMAZING! He had one accident yesterday when we first started but then he ended up going poop in the potty!!!!!! Only Pres would do that BEFORE he peed in the potty LOL. He was so excited when he went. He doesn't like an audience when he goes potty. He made me move the potty to his playroom and had me leave. I was peeking around the corner at him and a few minutes later he yelled "I DID IT, I DID IT! Can I have my candy now?" haha.

I put his little underwear on after that and around 3:00 he still hadn't peed (since the accident in the morning) so I didn't want him to nap until he peed. Because I knew if I put his diaper back on he would pee instantly. The mail had come, so I said "Presley I'm gonna go outside and get the mail and how about you PEE in the potty while I'm gone??!" He said "Okay!" so I left and came back in and he yelled "I did it!" and we did a happy dance and yelled alot :)

This made me realize he doesn't want an audience when he goes LOL. He is just the smarted little thing. He's done so good with every transition in his little life. From moving to a big boy room UPSTAIRS, having a baby sister, not being jealous at all and just loving her with all his heart and now going potty. I'm not sure I'm ready for this growing up stuff :(

Here's a few pictures from my phone when he first started this new journey!

He wanted to hold his garfield that was daddy's...preshy

This is right after he DID IT!!!!

GO PRESLEY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!


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