Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today was a great day once again. He slept great and I woke him up every time he needed to eat through the night. He stayed awake a lot more today and I loved it! GiGi and Pawpaw brought us dinner. It was the most delicious chicken enchilada casserole...so good! Presley stayed awake for most of their visit which has been rare until now.

We had another pediatrician appointment today and he is just perfect. He had gained a little weight and should start gaining more now that he is feeding good. He goes back at exactly a month for another shot and then we can finally have some little outings :)

Jennie and Jentrie came over today and saw Pres. They gave him a really cute toy for when he is at the crawling stage. My great aunt also came to visit and she just couldn't get enough of him. He slept through both of their visits LOL. We also received a few more gifts today that Shane got at work. We are so blessed and little Presley has no idea how lucky he already is.

Last night at about midnight he had a total BLOW OUT when I was changing his diaper. I kind of screamed out of shock and Shane came running in. Hahaha it was hilarious and something I won't soon forget. I also got peed on for the first tine on 2-18, again on 2-20 and last bit not least on 2-21! I am learning when to change his diaper and when not to. Sometimes it's good to wait a few extra minutes LOL :)

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