Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wrapping Station! DIY Factory Post!

This is one of my "DIY" Factory posts. If you read my blog much, you know that Shane call's it that because of my constant projects haha :) I saw a post on a blog I follow not long ago, and it gave me inspiration for my new WRAPPING STATION! I have a room upstairs that I have converted into my craft room but really since we moved in, it's been the junk room. This weekend with Shane's help we started cleaning it out so I can really have a craft room, lol. I had SO much wrapping paper, millions of bags, tape, bows...pretty much you name it and it's up there.

I headed off to Lowe's with P and got the most functional "closet" organizer and turned it into a wrapping station! For only $34.99 I was able to organize all of my wrapping stuff and it's all in one place! I'm VERY excited about it and it's so cute which doesn't hurt. It hangs on the inside of the door so you don't see it unless you're in the craft room :) If you have millions of birthdays and holidays with lot's of gifts like we do, this is a PERFECT solution! So so easy to do too...I did it during P's nap. Here's the finished product!!!!

I did bows on top

Three row's of ribbon and then a basket with 4 plastic glasses from Walmart .88cents a piece!
I put the following items in them.

Last but not least, the fun, pretty wrapping paper!

This was a fun little project and I'm excited to wrap the next gift! 

Last night we helped Mark and Laurie with a wedding shower for Laurie's friend. It was fun and the food was delicious! Laurie is one of the best party planners around, and she always helps us throw super fun parties for our babies or any event that's going on in the fam! I got dressed up last night which I  don't do often these days and when Presley saw me he was so cute. I had a sparkly top on and he was in amazement, lol. It was precious. He was amazed at the sparkles really not me haha. I tried a new Pinterest hair-do last night and loved it. Looks complicated but only took about 5 minutes to do!

Back to organizing the craft room I go!


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