Friday, March 16, 2012


Yesterday I started negotiations on a house for a dear friend. Of course there was a counter offer and today their offer was accepted! It's so much fun being a realtor and helping people with the biggest purchase in their lives! I get to see so many beautiful homes and learn so much constantly. It makes me happy when I save people money and they get a great deal! I'm so excited for Heather and Steven to move back here, yippee!

Today Presley wore his first pair of jean shorts! They're 12-18 month and big on him, but he was stylin' and wore a cute belt to help keep them tight enough. I have a feeling I'll be getting some smaller ones too though. He's talking more and more everyday! He said "GiGi" yesterday and I caught it on camera! Everyday I say everyone's name a ton and I think he's starting to catch on :)

I have my last set of Easter Mini's tomorrow! It's been a BLAST! I'm gonna get some more cute ones of P with the bunny tomorrow before I give the bunny back. I also got some CUTE CUTE spring props today! I'm shooting a "Year 2" session of identical twin girls in a few weeks and can't wait! I feel like everything is really coming together and I just have so many ideas for Frame It! Photography.

Tomorrow is St. Paddy's day so I'll be posting a cute pic of P tomorrow in green :)

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