Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Latest Happenings In The Robertson Household

Today has been cra cra as I like to call it. It's 112 degrees outside so I can't play with P outside or really even take him out in this heat. He woke up at 9:45 and hasn't slept since. We have played with a million toys and all we want to do is go to the pool but it's just too hot! I started a new page on Facebook for my clothing line Vintage Couture! Check it out HERE!! "Like" my page because I will be having great giveaways SOON!!

Sunday was Presley's first time in the nursery at church. I was SO nervous and not because I was afraid he would be neglected just because Shane and I are the one's that know how to make him stop crying etc... I checked on him twice. The first time he was playing with a nice girl in the nursery. The second he was being rocked. When we went to get him he was asleep in a swing :) The best part was that when the girl (don't know her name) went to get him, she had put a bear in the swing with him!!!! That little act made me feel SO good. I knew that they really cared and I felt at ease. I love our church MUCHO! I also bought my ticket to the Guts Girls Brunch today and can't wait!!

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday! I made Presley a shirt and we went to his office to deliver the balloons P picked out :) One has Elmo on it and another one has Mickey. We went to Shane's parents on Sunday to celebrate his birthday and had a great time! Yesterday we went to dinner with my parents and we went to Blue Rose Cafe. It's a great restaurant and I love that you get to take your cup home! It's the little things...

Here's a few pics from the day!

Last night when we were getting ready to put P to bed, Shane started singing to him. P LOVES it and it's like he goes into his own little world. This is his face ALWAYS.

Snugs n Love
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  1. did you make his sweet little shirt? if so, was it just free handed or how did you do that? I have been trying to make one for Masyn that says HERE COMES THE BRIDE because she's a flower girl this weekend & Ive tried a few different techniques and I am not happy with how any of them turned out- I like his little shirt :)

  2. Thanks! It was a last minute idea but it will be cute to do every year until he thinks he's "too cool" for it, haha. I used puff paint from Hobbly Lobby and free handed it. They sell small little bottles of puff paint and they work great! I got three colors in a pack and it was only like $3!! That's such a cute idea for the wedding!