Friday, July 29, 2011

DIY Project: Framed Chalkboard and a Cute Timeout Chair!!!!

Yes, I realize Presley is only 5 1/2 months old BUT I found the CUTEST DIY project when I was browsing a trading post in Jenks. It's a framed chalkboard and I fell in love. Talk about easy! I used a vintage looking frame and got a hard backing from Hobby Lobby ($3.00) and used chalkboard vinyl (also from Hob Lob $7.99). The vinyl will make several chalkboards! I simply peeled the backing off the vinyl and stuck it to the backing. After it was applied I put the backing into the frame like usual and hot glued around the edges to make sure it was secure. I would have pictures of every step but it's SO EASY!!!!! I have it right outside P's door, so I can write down fun quotes, just that I love him, things we have to do each week etc...

I'm gonna be putting some other colorful frames around it so I'll post that when I'm done :) This is such an easy fun thing to do for any kiddo's room!!!

I love the frame!

I just wrote something real fast to show what it looks like, haha

So easy to make!

Since I am putting up pictures of it I'm also showing the HILARIOUS time-out chair we found. Just to be clear: I WILL NEVER USE THE HANDCUFFS ON P, it's an added touch to the jailhouse chair, lol. I also have no plans to use it, P is just too precious! I just think its SO hilariously cute!!! It's in the corner by the framed chalkboard.

I hope you enjoy this DIY project as much as I did!

Snugs n Love
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  1. cutest little chair!!! I LOVE it!! I saw a post you did with a cute little cupid onesie you made & love it too... I thought about this blog last night when I saw a lady who made a shirt for her son that said "STUNT MAN" but she ironed the letters on upside down so when he's hanging upside down, you can read it. I need a boy just so I can make that cute shirt. Have you seen I love her blog with all her fun crafts!