Friday, July 8, 2011

As Fast As I Could

Tonight we went to the Josh Turner concert at The Hard Rock. It was a lot of fun and I won $15! I knew Josh Turner was a good singer but I REALLY like him! He sang a song called As Fast As I Could and it's probably one of my new favorite songs. It reminds me of Shane of course, because he came into my life and made me complete. It also makes me think of Presley because he really did get here as fast as he could, lol. I had no idea what an amazing joy would be in my life, smiling at me even when the rest of the world's asleep.

Now that he's here its perfectly clear, he was making his was into our lives and making us the happiest parents on earth! 

Oh and I also made some DELISH lasagna rolls and I will post the recipe and other thingy-ma-bobs tomorrow :) 

Snugs n Love

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