Sunday, July 3, 2011

Branson and all the things that come with it...

Oh Branson, we meet again. Shane and I don't come to the condo very much because Branson just isn't what it used to be, lol. It's still nice to get away though and just relax. It's Fourth of July Weekend which means it's Prelsey's FIRST FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!  We are relaxing which was on the agenda and it's giving me time to do some creative stuff and blog :) I cooked breakfast today and made creamed eggs. My great-grandma used to make them and it's been my favorite breakfast food since I can remember.

Yesterday, July 2nd, Presley started TALKING. Like not real talk but baby talk. He now knows how to use his tongue when he talks and it's precious! He is quite the little charmer already. We went to Branson Landing yesterday and he was just laughing and cooing at everyone. He loves attention already. I knew he did though, since I give him all of mine constantly haha :) I made this real fast...because I thought it was cute :)

I have also been listening to the Casey Anthony trial some since we have been vegging out. I must say, I wish it was an eye for an eye. That may be bad, I know, but I just know in my heart she did it. The rest of America probably does too and she will probably get off or something. I wish that she had the same thing done to her, that she did to Cailee. That precious baby didn't deserve what happened to her. It just breaks my heart for her and all the babies out there in those crazy, horrible situations. 

On another note, I have a new listing this week hooray! I love real estate so much. I get to stay home with my baby but also help people buy and sell there homes. It's so much fun! This past week I went out one afternoon when Pres and I weren't playing (because that's what we do allllllll day) and took letters to some FSBO homes. I also attached a fun little 4th of July gift :) Well, that's enough happenings for now. It's almost the 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snugs n Love
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