Sunday, July 10, 2011

DIY Projects Galore!

Okay, call me crazy, but the other day I saw an estate sale sign and I had to follow...

Shane thinks I am crazy for liking yard sales. Sure, most of them are full of junk and a waste of time. BUT you never know what you will find. Example: This blog post!

I found 3 items and spent $5.00! I got an old ugly window and two really neat vinatge lanterns. They just needed to be dusted off, wasp nests taken out of the top and scrubbed a little. Best $3 purchase I've made in a long time.

Now for the real project. I always have tons of ideas running through my head and this one actually came to fruition! I bought an old window for $2, he was going to just throw it away if it didn't sell. I took it home and immediately started my project. The first thing I did was clean it and sand off the chipped old paint.

Next, I taped off the windows and used some paper I had (I didn't have any painter's tape handy)

After a little spray paint and peacock feathers I already had, the old window is now glamorous and has a new home!


Presley Update:

He got his first scratch yesterday :( He did it in his sleep. Even though this momma keeps his nails short it still happened. BOO! I know it's no big deal, but everything that happens with him is a HUGE deal! Haha

Snugs n Love


  1. love the window- my friend has an old window frame she painted above her couch & I love it. I can not wait to show her yours with the feathers! also- i just made the lasagna cups the other day & was thinking how great they would have been for a party I had for my daughter about a year ago- the theme was "TINY TWO" and all the food was tiny! so fun! love this blog

  2. Thank you so much! Your blog is adorable! I LOVE silhouettes too! I'm glad you liked the lasagna cups. What a fun idea for a birthday party!