Monday, July 25, 2011

From Milk to Squash?!?!?!

Last week on July 17th, 2011 Presley Trace Robertson had his first bite of REAL FOOD! okay, I don't always date things like that, haha BUT this is a HUGE deal! He's officially growing up before our eyes! Anyone that knows our family knows this is always a big deal. We have little "first bite" parties. Someone has the camera, someone is recording it and it's just a big deal. Here is some video of P Man the first time he ate! I made him squash with The Baby Bullet :)

Here's some of my favorite pics from the night :)

What's going on????

His concentration face :)


The verdict?? He LOVED it! He figured it out pretty quick and now he has moved on to bananas and eats every bite. He wasn't the biggest fan of squash (although he ate it all)...but neither is mommy :)

I didn't know if making my own baby food would be easy or hard but it's so simple. I definitely suggest The Baby Bullet to any new mom! It comes with the cutest little serving jars too :)

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