Monday, July 4, 2011

Home of The Brave

Happy Fourth of July!!!!! I hope everyone reading this had an amazing day. I just wanted to also take a minute and say THANK YOU to everyone overseas fighting for our country. Without all of the men and women selflessly protecting our country, we wouldn't be the country we are today. Ricky (Shane's cousin) has been in Afghanistan for a few days and will be there for the next 10 months or so. Please keep him in your prayers. We miss him already and pray that God keeps his loving arms around him and protects him from any harm. Meet Ricky :)

Right before he left, he proposed to jessica who also has a blog HERE. She always has yummy recipes and also talks about the ups and downs of being engaged to a soldier who is currently overseas. Check it out! Please keep Jessica in your prayers too! I can only imagine how incredibly hard it is to have the person you love the most so far away. Hopefully they will have Skype though and be able to at least talk online! 

This was Presley's first 4th and he LOVED the fireworks!!! I will post some pics tomorrow of him watching them (toooooooo cute). Here's a few of him just hangin' out today :) 

He has been such a good little traveler on this trip. He rarely cries and when he does it's for good reason. I feel blessed! Tomorrow morning we head back home and will say goodbye to Branson. It's been so much fun just spending time with Presley's GiGi and PawPaw (my in-loves) in-laws is what you say when you don't really like them, lol. I know Presley has loved spending some quality time with them. He's grown up so much just on this trip! 

God Bless The U.S.A. and God Bless my little scrumptious Presley!

Snugs n Love
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