Sunday, July 24, 2011

DIY Project and a FUN weekend!

This weekend was full of FUN! Friday and Saturday I had a booth for my Vintage Couture kids clothing line! Everything is 65% off right now so be sure to take a look! Click Here to see the collection! It's amazing stuff for BOYS and Girls! You can't beat 65% OFF! A lot of sizes sell out when the season starts but it's worth checking!!

Today Presley went to his little friend Caden's 2nd BIRTHDAY! Caden is one of the sweetest little boys I know and Presley was so excited to go today, haha. Okay, okay he didn't totally understand but he did laugh a lot so he had fun :) Here is P putting his feet in the water at the indoor water park!

Heather, Caden's mom had a baby 5 DAYS ago for a wonderful couple who tried for years. She did the most amazing thing anyone could ever do! So she had a baby 5 days ago and the day after she was going out to eat and was back to normal. She's super woman. She even looks amazing ad it hasn't even been a week! Look at the adorable cake SHE MADE for his Birthday! "Caden's Cookie Jar" because he LOVES cookies. So cute!

I'm also starting a new DIY project. Do you have TONS of jewelry and you don't know what to do with it? If you're like me, mine is in bags, hanging in random places and really just scattered everywhere. I am going to make one of these!

I love the twig look! I'll post pics soon :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Snugs n Love

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