Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fun Cake To Make and Other Ramblings...

The past few weeks have been full of FUN! We went to an OU game (Presley's first of millions) and we've been to Dallas twice. I'll be doing posts on different things over the past few weeks, this week. Make sense?

So this weekend while daddy was away Pres and I had lots of fun. We mainly just played and played :) Last night Aunt Sami came over to see us and we did a DIY project for her office. She's not quit done with it but we had fun starting the project! We also made THIS Rainbow Cake.

If you didn't know you can ALWAYS use a can of SPRITE with any light colored cake mix instead of all the wet ingredients (egg, water, oil etc) and you can use DIET COKE for dark mixes. I had no idea until Sami told me and this recipe does the same thing. The cake was SO much better this way! So here's what I did:

1 Box of White Cake mix
Box of Gel Food Coloring
12 oz. Can of Sprite
Frosting of your choice
( I doubled the recipe)

Mix 2 White Cake mixes together

Divide cake mix into 6 different sections and use food coloring to color them any way that you want

Pour the mixes in any order you want starting with the most batter on the bottom color and work your way up the pan!

350 for 25 minutes and Voila!

Frost and enjoy! The 11lb tub of Frosting is Sami's lol. She has the biggest container of frosting I've ever seen. Thanks to Cherry Berry :)

It was SO good. One whole cake is almost gone because Shane got home and loved it. 

If you have kids, they will definitely think it's neat! If not, you will still have fun making it!

Of course before I go I have to share a pic of Presley.

He's scooting around and will be crawling ANY MINUTE! Can't wait :)

Snugs n Love
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