Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fun activities for kids to get you in the BOO-HA-HA spirit!

Halloween is my second favorite time of year to decorate, first being CHRISTMAS of course!
I have to say the $1 section at Target has been a weakness of mine...especially for fun Halloween decor.  I saw a random cute foot painted in candy corn colors on Pinterest and it gave me the idea for Presley's 2nd Halloween plate! If you're wondering what that is, it's just a plate that I use to capture parsley's foot prints each year. Eventually I'm going to have a fun plate wall above our piano but not until it gets moved. Who knows when that will ever happen because it's extremely heavy. Last year Presley's feet were little ghosts and this year we did candy corn.

Here is a before & after pic from my horrible phone camera ha ha:

Here is the finished product! So fun!

Okay now for the next activity that I am super excited about. Maybe it's because tonight I get to feel like a little kid again and go knock on 2 neighbors doors and RUN away. Seriously.

We love our neighborhood so much and everyone is always having little cookouts and we're all getting to know each other. There's kids outside playing all the time and P already has friends his age, it's just too cute. 

I decided to start a "You've Been Booed" this year in our neighborhood. What is it? Well it's super easy and fun! I found this adorable FREE printable online that I am using. You can find it HERE. Anna and Blue Paperie has adorable idea's all the time on their website!

It already has all the directions typed out and everything. Literally all you have to do is print 2 copies and get 2 "treat" bags ready! You pick 2 neighbors to start it and once it's getting dark you run to their houses, put the sign on their doors, leave the directions and treat bags by the door and RUN!!!!!!!!

They have 2 days to pick the next 2 neighbors and so on and so forth...
Everyone knows who has been booed because they will have a sign on their door or in their window.

I think this is a fun idea for anyone, kids or no kids. If you want to get to know your neighbors better, why not start something fun?! If kids do get involved they will LOVE it! Presley is still a little small to understand but his face lights up none the less :)

I know the houses I'm doing tonight and here's their treats! Thanks to the target $1 section ha ha. 

Who's gonna be the next person to start "You've Been Booed"?!

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