Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oxley Nature Center...a great place to take your kiddo's!!

I recently took Presley to Oxley Nature Center. I had no idea this place existed until my photography teacher told us about it in class. They offer FREE activities for kids of all ages, They also have different walks each month. I really want to do the butterfly walk and the wildflower walk next month. You can check them out HERE. It's something fun and it's free, how can you beat it? 

Presley went to his first Natural Babies class and it's for kids ages 1-5. This class is $2 a person or you can buy a year membership for only $15! We went ahead and got the membership because we will be going to more of the fun activities. Your donation helps with not only the Nature Center but also all of the wonderful volunteers their so it's worth it. I had no idea we had such a gorgeous nature center so close to home. It's literally next to the zoo.

At the class we went to the instructor talked about Animal Homes and showed the kids all different types of animal homes. Presley got to pick a few out and bring them to me to "show me". It was so sticking' cute! Even though he's 19 months, I know he enjoyed it and he definitely loved when the teacher started reading her book. He sat in a chair like a big boy and did really good. He really loves reading these days. The kids also got to color a picture and find all of the animals living in their homes. I helped P with that, LOL. He did color though. He's quite the Picasso :) 

Here are some pictures from my horrible phone camera:

This was when he picked the wasp nest to show me LOL (it was in a clear case)

He was so excited when he brought me the the wasp nest!

He was such a BIG boy. He also loved the tree stump as you can tell...

Preshy :) Listening to the story!

He had enough and needed to get up, so he decided to go over to the teacher and point at all the animals she was reading about. 

After the story we got to go outside and feed the turtles! Presley threw turtle food and also some biscuits! 

He was SO excited when he saw the turtles. I love how he is really starting to understand things more. 

See he really was excited! Pointing at the turtles LOL

After that we headed towards Fox trail and found a real animal home!

It's not lived in anymore, but it used to be a gopher hole

Oh and he got to color a picture too! Momma helped him find all the animals hiding in their homes! :)

 Presley's masterpiece :)

Thanks for a great morning Oxley!

If you have kids, I highly recommend taking them here! It was a blast and we will be back next week!

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