Sunday, November 14, 2010

Do It Yourself Projects :)

This weekend marks a lot of things! I am now 26 weeks and 1 day along in my pregnancy. It is going by so fast! I am feeling great and really enjoying everything right now. I got a sewing machine FINALLY and belive it or not, I have been teaching myself how to sew! I am really proud of myself because I have always wanted to learn. I can now thread the machine. make bobbins and all that jazz. Trust me I still have a lot of learning still, haha. Shane was gone this weekend and it was a perfect time to dive into projects. I've been looking for Christmas pillows lately and haven't found any that I love. I kept seeing place mats I loved though and thought "can I make these into a pillow?" Might sound weird but I did it and they look GREAT! At least I love them :) I will now be doing this a lot in the future. I found some really cute place mats and here is the price breakdown:
Place Mats- $2.00 each (I bought 2, one for each chair)
Pillow from Walmart- $2.50
I spent a total of $6.50 on my pillows for our porch! I bought the cheapest pillow I could find at Walmart,  cut it open and used the stuffing to stuff my place mats.

The placemats have a white/silver shimmer where you see white :)

Next, I used my seam ripper and opened up one of the edges on each mat

Next, I stuffed the mat and then used a needle and thread to stitch up the seam by hand and TADA!

I did the same thing with some really cute leopard print santa place mats I have had for like 4 years.

Now these are cute pillows in our living room :)

After I finished this project i started experimenting with onesies for Presley. The first one I made wasn't the best stiching...

A neat red one I made

I made the next one because Presley will either be here on Valentine's Day or before if he decides to make his arrival before, haha. He will be the cutest little Cupid ever. I mainly want this for cute pics :) 
The front...

The back...

Im gonna make the Cupid design on other colors of onesies/shirts as well. I think that's enough craftiness for one day on the blog. I am just starting so who knows what I will come up with this week!

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  1. amazing!!! i was gonna get jude some of the tie shirts on etsy but now you can just make them!!! haha ok i will help:) what a great idea about the pillows. i never can find pillows i like! now i will just look at placemats! haha thats so funny but smart!