Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Mother's Day as a MOMMY!!

Okay, okay, it's been TOO long since I did my last post. I have just been totally wrapped up in Pres and haven't made the time. He is growing so much and getting cuter by the day! Today is my first Mother's Day and I just can't thank God enough for blessing me with Presley. He has truly changed our world and I can't imagine what life was like before him. It's funny today at lunch with my family, Shane and I were talking about how now, even going to dinner doesn't always happen when you make plans to go. For instance, Pres has had a little cough lately. We took him to the pediatrician just to make sure he was okay and of course it turns out he's not even really sick just has "mucus". Any way, so today we were planning on going to Outback for lunch and Presley woke up coughing and we just decided we should stay home and not get him out. Last minute plans changed, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's crazy how having a baby makes you totally take a backseat to anything you have planned and at the end of the day, you don't even care if all you do is stay home :)  I have had a great first mother's day and got some sweet gifts from the men in my life :) Love them! I also got two cards from Shane and one from Presley. You might be wondering why I got two from Shane and it's because he thinks it's funny how much I love cards. He could care less if he gets cards but he always gets one from me!

A lot has happened since my last post. We finally moved YAY and now we are getting settled in. I have started decorating room by room and I'm working on the kitchen and bedroom right now. We just ordered our bedspread and I made this lantern for one of our Kitchen cabinets!

I also got inspired by our friends wedding we just went to and decided to do teal and red in our kitchen. I also thought of a neat way to decorate above our cabinets. I didn't want to do the usual, you know the ivy with fruit etc...I like different so that's what I'm doing :) It involves tree branches, roses etc...
I will post pics later

Other happenings: Presley has started smiling and it just melts my heart! The actual first day he smiled was April 4th. I mean he smiled before that BUT it was the first time he actually smiled at something I did :)

One of my best friends Andrea got ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So over the moon for them and can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

I passed my Real Estate renewal test! It was 41 hours of studying that I did in about 9 hours thanks to having it online!

Our old house is for sale so BUY IT! Haha, jk but I have it listed and have had a lot of interest so hopefully it's SOLD soon. 

My Vintage Baby is now called Vintage Couture!!
In the fall we will have TONS of boy stuff just like the girls selection 9it's about 30/70 now) and also jogging suits and other fun things for moms! I can't wait! I had my first trunk show last weekend and it went AWESOME! My hostess got free clothing and also some half price stuff!! It's as easy as having a few friends over, shopping and having fun! The clothes are ridiculously cute and you can;t find stuff this cute in stores. Go to to see the catalogue!!

Okay this is enough for one post. Until next time xoxo

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