Thursday, September 8, 2011

Presley's Year of Firsts!

Okay, I know I have been horrible the last few weeks. I haven't blogged and I swear the time just flies by. Presley will be 7 months on the 12th and I can't believe it! He learns new things every day and right now his new thing is growling. He knows he can do it so if you growl at him, he growls back, lol. 

 I have been enjoying the nice weather with P lately and we have started going on daily walks and just enjoying outside! I'm SO glad the 100 degree days are gone (hopefully). Today we played with some chalk too, well, I did haha. I just can't ever seem to take enough pics of my little man. He's stole my heart that's for sure!

Okay so now to the fun DIY project I just did yesterday! I know, I love them and I can't help it. I know some of you like them too! Like the title of this post says, it's Presley's "Year of Firsts" and I want to have cute memories that I can keep and use each year. I started bringing out the fall and Halloween decor yesterday. Yes, I know it's a little soon for some, but not at The Robertson Household! I think this is a super cute idea for a new baby like P, or even for little kids. It doesn't have to be his/her first Halloween. I spent $2 total and this is what I came up with...

I might be partial but I LOVE it! All you need to make it is the following:

A Black Plate ($1 store)
A Sharpie (We have them scattered around the house so it was free)
White Apple Barrel Paint from Hobby Lobby (.99)
The paint washed right off of his feet :)

After I did this with P, I decided I should just go ahead and decorate the shelves in the kitchen. I played around on the computer and made a fun Chevron Print Pumpkin. I think it's my new favorite thing to do when P is napping. 

We're probably having a halloween party this year so bring on the decorating!

Now light those pumpkin candles and break out the decorations :)

Snugs n Love

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