Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Unless P is sleeping, you can call me a hawk. Every minute he is into something. One minute he's climbing up his slide and down the slide in the same minute. He has no fear, lol. I love that about him but it also makes me a little crazy at times. I can't believe his tiny little body can basically run around now. It's so fun! He's also quite the little subject when I'm doing photography. I love capturing everything he does, wears, says haha. He's a ham for sure. This month was Presley's FIRST birthday! He was a little cowboy and I had SO much fun planning the party! We had all kinds of food and Presley loved his first bite of cake!!!! He had blue icing from ear to ear!

Lovin' his cake!

Mustache Cupcakes!

Hat's for the kids to decorate

Cowboy Pops!


It was hilarious...so many people were staring at Presley that he almost cried when we all started singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He didn't end up crying he liked it at the end lol. The last year has no doubt been the best year for our family of three :)

I know I said before I would blog more, and I'm not going to say it again haha. Maybe I will blog more if I don't say I will. 

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