Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Most Eligible Bachelor

Tonight I took all my pictures off my phone and put them on my external hard drive so they won't get lost when my dumb phone stops working. I wouldn't blame my phone though, it's been dropped a million times and it's been in water twice, including the bottom of a pool!

Presley will be The Most Eligible Bachelor until he's at least 50. Then we will talk about him actually asking a girl out. Really. Okay, maybe not but I just thought these pictures were too cute not to share. They were taken on my phone so they're blurry :)

This was at Wild Fork on Valentine's Day! If you haven't been, you should go and get the biscuits and gravy. It's a life changer!

Just me and my booboo

He loves playing at the park ALL the time :)

Just playin' in his playroom

He loves his chairs GiGi and PawPaw got him for Christmas. This pic is preshy :)

I just can't get enough of this little guy. Melts my heart.

Today was a busier day than I anticipated. Presley hardly slept and mommy didn't get much done. I've been booking Easter Mini Session's and I get so excited just thinking about all the cute kids I'm going to  take pictures of! I just love it!!!! More on that tomorrow :)

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