Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life is sweet

I am FINALLY figuring this whole blog thing out. I still haven't told anyone about it because I want to make sure it looks okay first. When we got home last night from Chicago Shane's mom had put his birthday gifts in our kitchen and also a really sweet card to congratulate us on our baby :) She also gave us some newborn diapers and a little toy that will definitely come in handy. I guess the beginning of baby gifts is already happening, haha :)

We are so blessed and have the most amazing family anyone could have. I know that everyone says that, but trust me, if you knew our families you would want to be a part of it. It's funny because my family is VERY small. I mean it's me, my mom and dad. That's it. Well I have a half-sister that I'm the total opposite of...and I could say I'm closer to pretty much any acquaintance than I am to her. Sad? No, its actually for the best. Shane always has a hard time understanding why I consider some of my friends family, but I guess unless you have a really small family you don't fully understand.

Shane's family on the other hand is GIGANTIC. I absolutely love this and it's the big family I never had until now. Holiday's are tons of fun and theres always a birthday or something to celebrate constantly. We are truly lucky to have so much love around us.

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