Sunday, September 5, 2010

Football Fever!!!!

College football is FINALLY here!!! I must say, I love the Razorbacks but my heart will always be with the SOONERS on game day. Shane and I headed down to Fayetteville yesterday for the game and had a great time. We went and ate lunch at my favorite restaurant Loafin' Joes! I was making noise while I was eating I loved it so much, LOL. I can't help it, being pregnant makes you either REALLY want a certain food or it makes you nauseous at the sight of something. Speaking of restaurants, I am really excited to be helping my dad do the Associated Wholesale Grocery trade show on Thursday. I'm sure reading this you have no idea what that means. Basically any grocery store (Reasor's, Food Pyramid, Homeland, Harps, Buy For Less...just to name a few) go through AWG when they decide to build a store. They supply all of the food, equipment needed etc. That is where my dads company comes in. We sell all of the bakery, deli, kitchen equipment needed. My dad has a long standing relationship with AWG and they asked him to be in the show for free! My dad wasn't going to do it because he's already busier than he can almost handle, but I jumped on the chance to take it over and show my dad what I can do. It's the perfect opportunity for me to build some relationships and get some clients of my own. I've always helped him with things when he needs me, but I'm starting to be way more hands on. Even though my dad started the company in 1972 he never really had an official logo he used on everything. Now he does :) Below is the logo I had created for the business.

I also have one in white as well :) We have shirts, signage, handouts etc. Everything is ready to go for Thursday! I'm excited to meet a bunch of grocery store owners and get some new business!

On the baby front, we are having a garage sale on Friday and Saturday to clear out even more junk. How I accumulate so much stuff I don't know but it happens. We are doing some remodeling and moving some rooms around after the garage sale is over. We can't wait! I'm 4 months along now and it has flew by. Crazy!!

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