Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring, I wish I was snoring...

Well, it's raining outside and I wish I could sleep. I'm only 4 months pregnant but I already can't sleep good. Not because of my stomach, I just toss and turn and Shane goes crazy. Anyone that knows my hubs knows that when he gets in his sleepy zone, it's downhill from there. Last night I was watching TV in bed and he just said"I gotta go to the other room" I quickly said "OK" and I don't think he was expecting that LOL. I've always been a night owl, and even though I'm married that just isn't something I can change. We really need a solution so any advice would be great! It says on my list of medicines that I could take Tylenol PM but there is NO WAY I would do that. I can't imagine making Presley fall asleep because of that. Since it's raining tonight hopefully I will fall asleep faster. Doubtful. Last night when I was in bed, I felt the WEIRDEST thing and I think it was the baby! It's still not time to really feel him a lot but I definitely did.

Also, our precious nephew Jude just had some pictures done. He is the cutest kiddo! Take a look :)

Presley and Jude are going to be best buds and will probably be on the same sports teams get the point. They will be attached at the hip and there's no other baby I would rather it be than little Jude. 

On a different note, John Mayer is tomorrow night!!! I am excitedaboutit!! I heart him and love every single song he sings. I've always said John Mayer and George Strait are the only two people that can sit with a guitar and have people mesmerized. It's not about the "show" with them. It's about the music. 

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  1. Shut up with the leopard print "R"!! gosh you are my favorite realtor. ok, It probably was the baby that you felt..was it kinda like a flutter? I'm excited about that! Sadly, I don't have any advice about sleeping. I never slept when I was pregnant, I tossed and turned and itched haha all night long. Restless leg syndrome is common with pregnant women apparently so that also kept me awake. I wanted to cut my legs off. Only time I slept thru the night was when I took reg strength tylenol because I had a real bad you may have to take that if you get too exhausted from no sleep:( or maybe you could see if there are any foods that are natural sedatives (like turkey) and eat it right before bed! I just thought of that idea! I'm real smart! I'm excited about John Mayer. I feel a little bit in love with him kinda.