Wednesday, September 8, 2010

OKC How I Love Thee

I'm in Oklahoma City for the AWG Holiday Show tomorrow. My dad and I set up our booth today and I am really excited about how it turned out. Take a look!

I had all of the signs made and they turned out great!! The other equipment dealers don't have half of what our booth has so I feel like it is a success!! This place is going to be CrAzY tomorrow. The distributors for everything from Bounty Towels, Febreeze, Smart Chicken, Kraft, Pepsi, I mean if it's in a grocery store it's here. I'm excited to meet a bunch of grocery store owners and people who are in charge of the buying for them. I know my dad is looking forward to seeing some of his friends. Today has been a really fun day with my dad!! I'm excited about where things are going with me helping my dad.

We went and ate at Chelino's tonight. It's my favorite mexican restaurant and it tasted just like it always does. Amazing :)

To top things off, the last client I sold a house to just called and wants me to list his house! He already got a new job offer in Kansas City and they are moving back up there. So Sunday I will have another listing! Things are going great!!!

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