Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My crafty side has been exposed!!!

Yesterday was our half-way point appointment to see baby Presley :) He's growing right on track! I am just amazed at how he already has such a cute little face. See what I mean?!?! He already melts my heart. I'm starting to feel him move around but it's still a little to early for Shane to feel it. We were at dinner tonight and I felt him still scares right when it happens, because I'm not used to it yet hahaha.

I am an avid follower of the TV show The View and today they talked about God and creation. How in the world could someone think that "science" is behind creating the world?? God created everything and there is no way I could be carrying such an amazing gift if it wasn't a GOD THING!! I could go on and on but I will stop for now. 

On this pic he was being bashful and didn't want his picture's neat though because you can see his little ribs :)

Being pregnant has made me really get into my craft zone. I have always loved making things but now it is in overdrive and I love it! I made a really cute little Halloween display from scratch for our porch today and also a wreath!!! See below!

A close up of the crow and spider :)

Here's the wreath hanging on our front door...

Last, but not least, we have FINALLY moved all of our furniture around and we are really happy with how it all came together.  We just got a new TV and a desk that Shane is currently putting together...tick tock tick tock heehee :) We had an armoire I found at an antique store and had it repainted white with a little distressing on it so it looks vintage. We are going to do all white furniture because I think it just looks classic and "baby chic". You can't really tell the distressed look in the pic but you will get the idea. We can hang some of Presley's clothes in it because it holds baby hangers :) YAY!!!!


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  1. Love your little Halloween display, Jen! So cute.