Monday, June 27, 2011


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 I haven't been this excited about a "DO IT YOURSELF" project in a long time! You know how when you were younger you could envision certain things in your house growing up? For instance, there was a picture of some random bunnies at my parents house when I was little and for some reason I remember it. Probably because I saw it all the time. Because of this, I decided to try this new project for Presley! Yes, I love it myself, lol because I think it's cute! The real reason for this though is so that Presley will know good things to do and good ways to act when he gets a little older. Sure, he's only 4 months old right now BUT by the time he can talk, he will be familiar with it and it will be a memory he has of our house at this time in his life. It's also characteristics that he will want to have because he's a Robertson :) I should have put "be as sarcastic as you could ever dream or imagine" lol because I'm sure he will take after daddy on that ha ha :)

Here are the materials I used:

-Paint (for canvas border)
-Paint Pen (black looks and shows up best)
-scrapbook paper
-Glue stick
-Mod Podge

How To: First paint the canvas border whatever color you want. After that dries cut strips of paper out to go across the canvas. You will have to glue to separate pieces together to get the paper long enough. Once you cut paper you can use fun scissors to make the bottoms have texture. You might be able to see what I mean in my pics. Next, glue the strips down on the entire canvas. After that, use the paint pen and write whatever your little heart desires :) The last step is to mod podge the canvas once everything dries. Then voila! 

I found the perfect spot near our kitchen table in a corner. Take a look!

This was the first one I have made and I will be making more!!

On another note, I found the CUTEST little rattle shoes when I was running errands last night. Only $3!! Presley loves hearing them when he kicks his little legs. He is just toooooooooooooooooo much fun :)

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