Friday, June 17, 2011

So Many Ideas. Really, SO Many...

Have you ever thought that you have so many ideas of things you want to do? That is me...all the time. I have a creative mind and I always think of craft ideas and things that I want to make. I usually make a few, sell them and then I move on to the next thing. I've made things for a long time but recently I think me and my sis-in-law are onto something, lol. More on this soon...

Right now, I am so lucky that I stay home with Presley. Oh, I am also a realtor when needed. For instance, I have my house listed and I'm about to help a couple moving here find a house. I love real estate and I love the flexibility it gives me. If I need to show houses my mom or mil will gladly watch Presley for a few hours. I feel blessed. I love that in real estate you can make great money and not have to put in the 8-5 hours five days a week like I used to do. Sure you can be showing houses after 5p when your client gets off work, but it's not a constant. I also love Vintage Couture (the kids clothing line I love) which is something else I dabble in. I honestly do it to get the discount for myself, and the clothes are so adorable I have friends and they have friends who want to buy them for their kids. I'm not in it to make a real living off of it but I do love throwing the parties and showing other people the adorable clothing. It's super fun! I'm also currently selling some of my dads equipment on ebay. I mean how different could all of these things be that I do? LOL.

I do have my dream job though because every day I get to hang out all day with the cutest little guy I know. He smiles at me and nothing else in the world even exists in that moment. I can't believe baby Presley is 4 months old. It gets more fun every day!!!! Today we ended the day with a visit to Great Grandpa Ted & JoAnn's house. Presley is so lucky that he has both sets of GREAT GRANDPARENTS on Shane's side. How cool is that?!

Oh and I have become quite the picture taker since having Presley.

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  1. Your new layout has my wedding colors! :)

  2. I love your blog (just started following!) and completely agree with Jessica Marie - the colour scheme is brilliant!