Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today Was Cra Cra

Today was a day I would call Cra Cra aka CRAZY. It was a great day but just a full schedule. We had a wedding and a birthday party to attend. This might not sound like much but with a 4 month old it was a lot. Presley would get tired and I know he just wanted to be snuggled up with me where it was quiet and he could have sweet dreams. He did great though and I think I was the one getting stressed. It's funny how much your thinking changes when you have a bambino. Now, I don't even care about what I have planned or need to's all on Presley Time :)

When we got home we played and I did peek-a-boo with him for the first time. I used a little security blanket he has and he just giggled forever. It was the cutest! He also finally discovered his toes and is mesmerized by them now. For some reason I have had a fascination with his toes since he was born. I seriously think they are the cutest things I have ever seen. Sometimes when I'm feeding him I just stare in amazement. Sometimes I can't believe Shane and I created him and even his little toes. Mom's out there know I'm not Cra Cra :)

This is a short post but I'm headed to work on my Family Value's thingy-ma-bob that I will probably post about tomorrow when I finish!

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